2019 Taiwan Hotel Industry International Development Trend Forum and Workshop

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The Tourism Bureau wanted to present a report on the development trend of the hotel industry and invited senior managers to discuss the development strategy for the Taiwan hotel industry in the next 10 years. This seems to have a clear motive, but it has not been clear on objective. It was what we needed to establish at the very beginning. Although this client boldly adopted Meeting Design, the client still wanted to retain the ritual elements of a general meeting: opening speeches, speakers, panel discussions, etc.



In addition to entrusting professional units to conduct the research report, a particular communication was conducted prior to the core planning of the case, which concluded the expected output, lecturer selection, topic selection, etc. This communication was in close contact with the organizers, lecturers, and research units. There are also different plans in the way of implementation. The opening speech and the speaker's briefing were retained, but the content of the briefing is not performed by the speaker alone. The content was prepared by talking with the speaker in advance, and suggestions for content enhancement are provided from the perspective of the director. By this, the contents between the speakers are not overlapped but connected in series. In addition, an additional one-day workshop was held where senior managers present would brainstorm ideas and propose action plans for the hotel industry in 2030.


Client: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Size: 120pax

Length: 2days

Type: Forum, Workshop, Meeting Design


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