2020 Astellas Webinar

Astellas Webinar_20200701_官網內頁


In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, what measures are needed to convert conferences/meetings originally planned to be held in-person into webinars? What assistance do organizers, speakers, and participants need to adapt to these webinars in the shortest amount of time possible? In what ways can complicated technology be simplified and easily mastered by users? How can smooth remote communication be achieved through cloud-based webinars, all the while ensuring the desired results?


We at Asia Concentrate made swift use of our professional abilities to provide comprehensive start-to-finish planning. We also worked with international and domestic participants to create easy-to-understand Chinese and English manuals. Speakers were invited beforehand to engage in thorough testing and an event rehearsal. We then utilized remote-controlled presentations throughout the webinar. Prompt assistance was provided to resolve any hardware-related issues, thus allowing speakers to present with ease of mind. Speakers were able to join participants in both exchange and attentively absorbing new knowledge. All these measures facilitated the creation of a smooth, high-quality webinar event.

Client: Astellas Pharma Inc.
Size: 45 pax
Type: Webinar


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