2022 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Surgical Association


Taiwan Surgical Association just held their annual meeting at the end of August 2021 and consecutively prepared for the 2022 annual meeting within 6 months, which posed a challenge of time constraints. The second challenge was to maximize the space available for the nearly 7,000 attendees because this meeting is held in an international convention center for the very first time.



This year, the TSA2021 was completed within a limited time frame by integrating the agenda requirements of 26 co-organizers. 671 lectures were successfully delivered in 15 parallel meeting rooms, including 28 video sessions by international speakers. The organizer continued the concept of last year's program and concluded 8 sessions of keynote speech in the main hall and the distinguished speakers are: former Vice President Chien-Jen Chen, Shou-Mei Wu, Director General, Taiwan FDA, Prof. Mei-Shang Ho, Hong-Jen Chang, Chairman & CEO, YFY Biotech Management Company, I-Chen Tsai, founder of InnovaRad. Rich lecture contents included the diversified viewpoints provided by biotechnology, public health and epidemic prevention, or the analysis of presentation skills beyond the medical profession, and they were all well received with the help of Asia Concentrate

In terms of venue arrangement and design, the warm key visual color created a warm and bright vibe for the entire meeting. The fluttering welcome flags stood on both sides of the entrance welcoming attendees to the meeting. The curvy shaped welcome board attracted people to take pictures as they entered the lobby. From the reception area, the exhibition hall, e-Poster browsing area, 15 meeting rooms, to the preview rooms and lounges on each floor were all under the clear, smooth and seamless floor plan.

2022 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Surgical Association gathered 6,571 members with a high attendance rate of 86%, successfully creating an academic-rich and refreshing medical meeting for our clients.

Client: Taiwan Surgical Association

Size: 6,500 pax

Duration: 2 days

Type: Conference, Hybrid-meeting, exhibition


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