Beyond 2020 International Design Policy Roundtable

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In January 2020, while the Taiwan Design Center was about to upgrade to Taiwan Design Research Institute, 20 global design experts gathered there for a Round Table. The objective: discuss how to demonstrate the value of design and how to influence design policy. You probably think that a policy discussion can only be a serious, heavy roundtable meeting or a tedious briefing. It doesn’t! We innovated the format of this meeting, thinking outside the box, to match the two topics: Innovation and Design.



Together with our partner Orange Gibbon, following the methodology of Meeting Design, Asia Concentrate designed a distinctive flow for the programme, based on the meeting objectives. Using Design Thinking, we provided participants with a light-hearted format, allowing for a lot of mutual interaction.

An example: In one of the sessions, we asked the participants to write down key messages they wished to share about a project beforehand, instead of preparing the slides. Thus, they could concentrate on their key ideas when sharing the project. Successfully, the experts exchanged  successes and challenges for 30 projects simply in one hour.

Thanks to the structured Meeting Design methodology, we maximize the value and optimize the content of meetings. Part of this approach is that we view every participant as a VIP and cherish each of their thoughts.


Client: Taiwan Design Research Institute
Size: 20pax
Duration: 1day
Type: Roundtable Meeting, Meeting Design


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