Taipei Cycle Forum 2018

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The annual Taipei Bicycle Show was rescheduled to March, which made this forum only 5 months interval short from last year. It made this forum difficult to attract exhibitors to register. Due to the success of last year's small changes and the challenges of this situation, the organizer determined to adopt Meeting Design for this year forum. They set the objective of the forum as to find out the next steps for the bicycle industry in Taiwan.



As exhibitions are to exchange information, the forum held with the exhibition should be a platform for exhibitors to exchange and learn from each other. Based on this idea, the forum has been redesigned by shortening the speakers’ presentations and leaving more discussion for the participants. Communicating with the speakers in advance to select the discussion topics, and breaking the stage boundary, we opened the floor to everyone in the room, which allowed more talks between speakers and the audience, and collected the opinions of professionals from different countries. In the 5 cohesive sessions over the 2 days, more than 30 effective suggestions were provided that could provide the organizer as a way to promote the development of the industry. Participants and speakers participating in the forum also gained a lot and gave high praise.


Client: TAITRA

Size: 150pax

Length: 2days

Type: Forum, Meeting Design


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