2021 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Neurosurgical Society


2021 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Neurosurgical Society was jointly held by the four local hospitals in Kaohsiung. The organizers set "localization" as the theme of the meeting, expecting to show the development of Kaohsiung from the agenda design to the catering arrangements. This meeting also provided an opportunity for attendees to taste local cuisine and experience the richness of local culture, and successfully created a milestone medical annual meeting that was both local and innovative.



Entering the welcome hall, the 25-meter-long giant LED wall played the slideshow of Kaohsiung's famous spots and pre-meeting workshops. The key visual took a large area of ocean blue as the background and the nerve elements under the electronic microscope highlighted the topic of the meeting. The foreground with the silhouette of the city with Kaohsiung's famous landmarks caught the eyes of attendees while entering and warmly welcomed all to the meeting in the harbor city, Kaohsiung.

Besides the solid academic sessions, a son of Kaohsiung, Che-Ching Hsieh, a well-known writer and host, returned to his hometown to share the travel experience with his cross-border views. During the tea time, delicious street food and local cuisine catered the need of the participants' taste buds; the local farmer's exhibition provided special agricultural products; the gala dinner was prepared by a local caterer and performed by the local band as well; the backdrop was transformed from the blue sea during the day to the night scene with starry sky twinkling of Kaohsiung; all these successfully created a feast of local culture with enjoyment.


Client: Taiwan Neurosurgical Society


Neurosurgery, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

Neurosurgery, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Neurosurgery, Chang Gung Medical Foundation

Neurosurgery, E-DA Hospital

Size: 900 pax

Duration: 2 days

Type: Conference, Hybrid-meeting, exhibition


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