Pharmaceutical Company 2020 Medical Workshop



How to get hundreds of clinical doctors to discuss openly and freely in a three-hour medical workshop? Are there other ways to share and exchange knowledge, instead of holding the standard keynote speeches and conferences? Many of the participating physicians had already experienced a highly interactive workshop last year. The challenge for this year was to develop a novel kind of workshop that would produce solutions to problems at the core of the doctors’ medical practice


It is not so hard to develop a medical workshop that breaks away from the traditional mindset; however, it is less simple to design a conference that combines creativity and novelty for everyone participating in it. Innovation and creativity are in our DNA, and so we concluded that inviting medical experts to this particular medical workshop was not particularly useful. After all, the doctors themselves are experts in the relevant medical field. More actionable insights are generated by achieving “The Wisdom of Crowds”: creating a process that taps into the collective knowledge of hundreds of participants to solve clinical problems. In this workshop, we borrowed the concept of “Safety Management Systems” from the world of aviation. The keynote speaker provided insights on how the aviation industry manages safety and survival for passengers, introducing the topic of “Patient Survival” in a novel way. Consequently, doctors were expected to approach problems from a different angle and redefine their understanding Patient Survival. This led to engaged and highly instructive exchanges of views.

In line with this novel angle, we designed the whole event and venue around the aviation theme.



Client: Well-known multinational pharmaceutical company

Size: 150 pax

Duration: One day

Type:Workshop, Meeting Design, Live streaming, Webinar


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