The Signing Ceremony between Southern Occupational Safety and Health Center, Ministry of Labor and Southern College Alliance, Ministry of Education



In order to improve the professional knowledge of occupational safety and health on campus, and ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, the Ministry of Education actively promoted the cooperation between the North, Central and South three district college alliances with the Ministry of Labor and labor inspection units in the municipalities. This July, the Southern College Alliance, composed of 39 colleges and universities, has firstly established a security partnership with the Southern Occupational Safety and Health Center.

How to implement the customer's ideas in a short period of time for this signing ceremony with the significance of the first release? Incorporate the creative planning of the collection? How to let hundreds of VIPs understand the importance of forming partnerships in formal ceremonies? Let partners from afar really have the opportunity to communicate and interact? All these are our challenges in this event.


The rapid integration of requirements and professional coordination are the keys to the successful implementation of this signing ceremony. The key visual design of this event is closely associated with the theme of security and health, and to declare the two major activities of cooperation and cross-domain exchanges. From the warm-up welcome, the signing ceremony, and the final media capture design, this event is not only to emphasize the joint cooperation between the education and labor sectors, but the implementation process has also worked harder to ensure that representatives from Yunjianan, Gaogaoping, Taitung, Penghu, and Jinma to fully experience this grand signing ceremony also as a cross-school exchange gathering. This allows partners to talk about the infinite possibilities of future cooperation in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.




Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor,

Labor Affairs Bureau Kaohsiung City Government,

Occupational Safety and Health Department, Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government,

Ministry of Education
Size: 100 pax
Type: Signing Ceremony


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